Sunday, February 12, 2012

Steph & Craig February Date

Happy Valentine's Day Month. Craigger was responsible for planning this month's date. It must have weighed on his mind because he tried to cancel saying he could not come up with something. I tried to explain that the idea is not to go crazy with the idea, just to have a date, big, small, short, long, it really does not matter. Anyway, he decided to go with a theme, "Things We Have Not Done Together."
Roller Skating was our first stop.
Both of us have skated, just not together. Quite frankly, I don't believe I have been on skates since the early 80's at school skate parties. . We had to giggle at the skate hander outer behind the counter, all 59 pounds of him. He was throwing Craig some grief as Craig did not get the appropriate hand stamp to rent skates. I think he felt like we were trying to pull a fast one on him. Really????? We had to put him in his 16 year old place (I still think he had to have used a fake 16 year old I need a job to buy m&m's ID), he did not look older than 12. He finally accepted the fact that the stamp may have rubbed off and gave us our skates. I chose the 2x2's, Craig went with the inlines. Skating is not like bike riding, it does not "all come back to ya." Grace was not present with me that night. These little fool kids would speed all around me as I tried to just stay upright. Craig was a natural. His hockey days seemed to translate with the inline thing. He was a master skater. If he ever quits his day job he should consider buying up a whistle and becoming a skate guard for sure.
After the fun of the skating game had worn off, and the shin splints had start to set in, we decided to call it quits. We turned our wheels in and headed to the PacMan game for one quick round. A much quicker round for me than Craig. Quite obviously, someone must practice when no one is looking!

We had really worked up an appetite with all of that skating and game playing, so we headed right downtown to Baby Blue for the some sushi. Again, both of us have had sushi, just not as a couple. You have to allow for patience at Old Market eateries during the Valentine season, post Creighton game crowds, and the fact that it was a Saturday night. The wait was going to be an hour or more. Left us only one solution, Sake Bar. Some lovely patrons finished up, we took their spot and forget that hour wait. Plus, being at the bar, you get great insight as to which Martini's have the most booze. This is only to help my Craig's window of opportunity if you catch this tired mom's drift.We ordered up quite a few sushi rolls, the "Itchy Sea Bass" turned out to the favorite. Usually one would stay away from items that include the word itchy but the fact that sea bass followed that adjective teased our palate. Yum Yum!
After 3 martinis, much sushi, and fried ice cream, we called it good and headed back over the state line. We stopped for a quick drink at the Keg Creek, and ended the night with some friends celebrating a 40th birthday. What a fun filled night. I believe I will be planning the March date and I am challenging myself to have a fun at home date. Thanks to Amber and Matt for including us in the fun.


  1. What a fun date!! Did you get to play the dice game at the skating rink?

    1. No dice game. I missed that one. I think if it involved anything other than rolling forward it would have been a bust.

  2. How fun! Love the idea of doing things you have not done together. I can't believe you had not had sushi together--Yum!

    Brock and I go skating there sometimes... the first time I went, I couldn't believe how the same old "creeper" guy was out skatedancing in the middle, the two girls with long hair and short shorts were still chasing the "DJ" and the laces on my skates were still frayed!

    1. Funny my laces were frayed as well, and quite possibly had a little hole in the toe, I think a dog must have been loose at some point and gnawed a bit on that fabulous many feet in me leather skates.


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