Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January 2012

January has come to an end.  Hopefully you were able to squeeze in a little time with your main squeeze to help avoid any feelings similar to the image above. 

Don't forget to have your date summary posted on or before February 7th for your January date.  You are also welcome to post the extra entries at any time during this year.

Stop back Feb 1st for a fun "Famous Couples" challenge. 

Amber & Matt January Date Summary

As most of you know, my husband has has recently made a major career change.  His old schedule as an elementary teacher was basically from 7-3 M-F.  With this new change, his new hours are 11 PM- 7 AM.  He also works any day of the week, not just M-F.  Lots of people ask us how he likes it, how do I like it etc.  One of my responses is that we are adjusting to this new life of ours.  It really is an adjustment for all of us.  He is home sleeping during the day when our son and I are gone, and often sleeping on the weekends when we were used to having the opportunity for lots of family time.  All of us are doing pretty good with the adjustment.  By sleeping during the day, he is able to be awake in the evenings when we are home, going to activities, dinner time etc. 

We didn't make date nights a priority before but would occasionally do something together or with friends on the weekends.  The new schedule has created some issues with this.  One of these issues is date night.  I work M-F and am usually so tired during the week.  This month he has Tues- Wed. off so our only option was a Tuesday night date.  We planned it the week before and were both looking forward to spending some time together.  I sent him a text the night before our date while he was at work letting him know that I was really looking forward to our date the next night.

Both of us are famous for having several "irons in the fire" at one time.  Even with his new job, Matt has not been able to put down his passion for coaching wrestling.  I told him he could still go to practice that night and we would go when he got home.  This would give me time to get home from work and get our son Brock dinner and packed for the babysitter. 

I really didn't have any idea what we would do for our date.  For a Tuesday night, I really couldn't find much going on.  Of course there was always the dinner and a movie option- but that is such an old stand-by.  I love the bookstore date idea I posted about, but just wasn't into it for a Tuesday night date.  Especially now that we don't have a book store close to us. 

I had had a stressful day at work and was making Brock some dinner when Matt walked in earlier that expected.  He looked at me and said, "Are we going?"   I'm pretty much gonna tell you that what he meant was...."you look tired and like crap so I don't think you are still planning on us going out".  I said yes we are going....I was making him dinner and then going to go fix my hair and makeup.  I really was tired for pete's sake- it was a Tuesday!!! But, I was able to quickly do a little magic and we were out the door a few minutes later. 

We dropped off Brock and my grandmas and were excited to get going.  We were both very hungry so that was first up on our list.  We checked the movie times before we left and thought about going to "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo" later that night.  We headed towards Omaha and tossed a few dinner ideas out and decided to go to the Old Market and pick some place we have both never been.  We ended up at the Rock Bottom Brewery

As we were waiting at the hostess stand I heard someone say Matt's name.  It was another officer on Matt's team (team members all have the same days off each month) and his wife out on date night as well.  See this is the normal life to have dates on Tuesday's I thought to myself!  You have to do what you can to make it work!

We enjoyed a little spin dip, a couple beers, and a great dinner.  We laughed (talked about how crazy some people are), cried (talked about how much we are going to miss Matt's grandpa at the State Wrestling Tournament this year- he passed away this past May) and everything in between. 

As we were walking back to the car, we both decided we were way too tired for movie.  We decided to make a stop at Target on the way home and check out the Kindle Fire we had been looking at.  We talked to the electronics guy who gave us an "I just wear red and khaki, not specialize in electronics" run down on how it works and decided to go for the purchase with our Christmas money. 

Here is the part where things seemed to go south.  I don't think that Target shopping or grocery shopping should be allowed on date night.  Long story short, Matt rushed me and I got crabby.  He just doesn't understand the love I have for Target and how I adore walking up and down the aisles, gazing at things in peace and quiet and at a slow, slow pace so I can take it all in.  It's like a magnet.  It sucks me in. 

So, I am going to say that going to Target on date night is like going out with your husband and your boyfriend.  It just doesn't work.

Penelope and Morty January Date Summary

Mort and I just returned from Hawaii. We have been to the big island before but this year we saw the entire island by a 4 wheel Jeep- this is the only way to travel.
Morty and I went on a mile hike to see some petroglyphs, we went off roading to the green sand beach and drove up to the top of the highest mountain.
I love me some Morty!!

Penelope and Morty Wedding Photo

We were married at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas!

Penelope and Morty Love Story

Morty and I met at the best bar in Des Moines, The Cabaret Lounge (I shed a tear here because it is no longer open). One of my friends knew one of his friends so that is how we started talking. After a couple minutes of chitty chit chat I asked if he wanted to sit at a table with my friends and I.
Once I had a couple of drinks I challenged him to a game of Big Buck Hunter. After impressing him with my shooting abilities we went back to the table where I, ever so smoothly, brushed my leg against his while crossing my legs. (worked like a charm)
Morty lived out of town so I ended up driving him to his friends house where he was staying. He made me watch Night Patrol which is one of the worst movies ever. We got a little handsy and I stayed longer than I should have!
Morty called the next day and we have been together ever since. Awww Morty!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

DIY Valentine Idea

Looking for a quick, easy, inexpensive, and cute Valentine gift idea?  How about a do-it-yourself Chalkboard photo frame that you can write love notes to your honey on?

The Moody Fashionista has all the details on how to make this fantastic idea.  You could use it for Valentine's Day, Anniversaries, Teacher Gifts, and so much more!!!  Be sure to take a look around, her blog is full of so many other cute ideas and she pretty much has one of the cutest little girls as well! 

Be sure to post a picture if you end up making this for someone special!! 

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Do you know what today is?

I just found out it's National Spouses Day!
Love up your sweetie today! :)

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Amber & Matt - Our Love Story

Whenever we start to tell someone about how we met- we always begin with the fun fact that we went to daycare together when we were children. Both of our families are from the same small town in Iowa. As many of you know, living in a small town pretty much means that everyone knows everyone. Matt's dad was the wrestling coach from my uncle as he went through high school. So, our families knew each other pretty well from the beginning.

As we grew up, I went to school in the next town over. Matt and I would always run into each other in random places and stop to chat. We didn't start dating until we were in our mid 20's however. Every time we ran into each other, either he had a girl friend or I had a boyfriend so there was never any talk to starting to date. In high school, Matt's school and mine were rivals in sports. I was always cheering for Matt however, because I had had a crush on him for as long as I could remember. I never thought I would end of married to him- he always seemed too cool for someone like me in school!

Fast forward several years and boy/girlfriends later..... I was living in an apartment with a roommate and came home to a message on our machine one day....(answering machines...that makes me laugh! Remember the good ol' days before voice mail!) A mutual friend who knew I had a crush on Matt, suggested he give me a call since she knew we were both single at the time. When I heard the message, I had no idea why he was calling me. I actually thought maybe he wanted to go out with my friend! When I called him back he asked me out! I was really excited!!! (I'll save the first date story for another time!) I can still remember listening to that message over and over and it makes me laugh every time!

We have been married for 8 1/2 years now and have a 7 year old son. We still live in the same small town where most of all of our family lives.

TeamPatzer's Date Night ~ January

Sooo excited, our date from last weekend was moved to tonight and it was fabulous! First things first, our boys were able to hang with a friend for an overnight so we did not have to hire a sitter. That is the icing on the cake prior to date night even occuring! Free sitter! In addition, we had a gift card to our dinner destination, a gift from Christmas.

We started our date at the Thrift Shop. Some may find that repulsive, we find it extraordinary. We are in the process of a remodel so we were able to find a bargain on a loveseat. The current state, not so fantastic, the projected state, awesome. We are upcycling a pretty greusome print for a wonderful olive green pressed velvet. Vision people!

I presented Craig with a date night invite that included a little challenge, taken from the Book Store Date Night with a few tweaks. We love to shop, so naturally we were to include a shopping excursion! We headed to one of our favorite haunts, Post N Nickel. While we were there, we were to each pick out an outfit for one another, something we find fun, that they may not. The deal, we had to try it on and get a photo. Craig's outfit, that I chose, actually did not stray too far from one of his closet outfits that he currently owns, with th exception of the price tag, the crazy print shirt was shy of $300, really?The outfit that Craig chose for me, was definately a favorite of his, but not so much for me. I felt somewhat like a 2 bit hooker in it. Not that I would entirely know. I just don't normally wear skin tight dresses with visual cleavage and super duper high heels. The sweet little sales associate thought it looked fabulous, even sharing that it came in black, so rather than looking like a low class hooker, I could potentially look like a high class more slender street walker, since black is slimming???? Ha! Craig wanted to purchase the outfit, but I had to put the kabosh on that one, letting him know full well it would do nothing more than hang in the closet.

Our next destination was Von Maur to continue the date challenge. We were to find some fabulous shoes that we could each try on as well as some accessories. Craig was easy. He likes shoes and he likes Von Maurs selection of men's shoes. I found some fabulous suede Nubuks which actually went great with his oufit. He gave me the puppy dog eyes and begged like a little school girl for mama to buy them. Since mams is also chief financial officer, the firm no took place. Funny, he was able to muster enough money out of his own pocket to wrap them up for a take home. The shoes he picked for me were fine; quite cute in fact; however, the practical girl in me said "I love them Honey, but I will never wear them." As much as he wanted to buy them, I talked him out of it. Little does he know I would rather him save his money to contribute to a pair of Old Gringos that I have my eye on.Accessories were a bit more difficult for my guy, as much as Von Maur does have, they do lack in the men's add on department. A couple of hats that were more suited for my dad. We did find a large faced watch in orange, he dug it.

 Finding accessories for me, not tough at all. I love me a good hat and they had many to choose from. The quandry was to find one that was bit different from something other than similar to my closet types. Found it! Loved it! Craig grabbed a leopard print clutch to photograph as well. He may need to change careers from Sales to Stylist!

Ok, so the shopping really helped us work up our appetites. We headed to PF Chang's. The pitfall, Saturday night date night is popular for others as well, leaving a 60 minute wait, ouch! We inched our way to the bar and found a couple of spots to slide into and eat right there! Bye 60 minutes, hello meal time. We just had a ball chit chatting about our vision for the future of my business, expansion ideas and such. We do very well throwing out some fun ideas and expanding on them. We also do well with eating. The kung pao shrimp never disappoints. Soooo very fun and a true delight. Looking forward to the next one!PS ~ One thing I do notice in the photos ~ I should have bought the Botox groupon that came out this week! 

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Sweetheart Journal

You have just enough time to craft up a fabulous Sweetheart Journal for a cute Valentine's Day gift.  This original idea of Can-o-Dates and Sweetheart Journal came from My Creative Stirrings.  This site is full of other awesome ideas as well.  I came across the idea from my lovely blog friend Nikki's WhiMSy Love site.

Creative ideas to include in your journal could include: games (the dot game, tic tac toe), poems, letters, pictures, notes, comments about dates...include this poem inside your journal with the rules/ instructions on how to have fun with it!

This little book has a purpose for you,
Its use should be shared between two.
Simply write a love letter, a poem, or note
To the one you adore, love, and often dote.
Then, hide this book for your sweetheart to find
And wait for a reply that will tickle your mind.
Remember, be creative and have fun
You have only your spouse's heart to be won.
by MyCreativeStirrings.com

Check out printable resources here at The Dating Divas.
If you don't feel like making the Can-o-Dates, you can purchase the paper part from Etsy here.

Focus on the Family- Date Night Challenge

The church we have been attending is sponsoring a "Date Night Challenge" event on February 11th during National Marriage Week

The Date Night Challenge is two hours of fun and laughter for couples, featuring comedian Jeff Allen, singer/songwriter Michael O'Brien and bestselling authors Dr. Greg and Erin Smalley. 
Research shows that a date every month significantly strengthens and improves marriages. You''ll receive ideas for MORE dates every month for a year. This experience is one you won''t want to miss, no matter what season of marriage you are in.

If you are interested in attending and live in the Omaha area, you can contact me for more info.  If you don't live around here, check out the Focus on the Family site to see if one will be in your area.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Our January Date-Tara and Dan

We went on our January date this past weekend and it was actually a weekend long date.

For the past 8 years we have been going to a place in rural southwestern Pennsylvania, a property owned by a very nice family that rents out their 4 cabins on 75 acres. The cabins are not rustic (other than being in the middle of nowhere). They have water, electricity, heat, cute decor, and hot tubs. Our anniversary is the end of December so for the past few years we have been going to one of the cabins (we've tried all 4 now) in January to celebrate our anniversary. But it's equally wonderful to go there in the spring, summer, or fall, which we have also done. This year we were there celebrating our 11th anniversary.

This was on a telephone pole out front of the cabin.

So we left the kids with a wonderful family friend, packed up our two labs and spent two nights in solitude! We ate dinner, drank wine, read (I finished The Hunger Games and started The Help), put (most of) a puzzle together, spent time in the hot tub, went for a walk and even watched our crazy dogs take a swim in the icy creek (it was very cold out and the creek banks were filled with icicles--the dogs didn't care).

Gretchen's mad dash.

Two old barns behind the cabin.

It was not a weekend of "reconnecting" so much as relaxing together, which is just what we needed due to our very busy schedule lately. In years past, there have been some great weekends of really reconnecting, but this year was not one of the years we needed it as much. Hope that makes sense. But we did try some of the questions from Amber's list. Dan wasn't a huge fan of it and got kind of silly with his answers. Typical. ;) But we did have a fun time picking and choosing some of them.

We did agree on the answer to one question. The question was about what we'd like to go back to from when we were dating and we agreed nothing. We love that we get to spend every day together now and don't wish to not do that, as was the case when we were dating. :)

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Dan & Kenzie - About Us!

Ironic that I'm writing our Love Story on the day of our "First Date Anniversary"! (Happy Anniversary to me and the Hubby today).

I was at work: I was 18, a Senior in High School...I was wild, crazy, and totally care-free. As I was day-dreaming out the window, waiting for my next customer, I saw that bright white plumbing van pull into the Bank parking lot, as it did every Friday around 4:00. As my heart started pounding, I quickly fixed my hair and slapped on some light pink lip gloss. Minutes later, here walks in my tall, skinny, covered in filth "Prince Charming". As he walked up to the empty Teller window, I quickly rushed to help him (customer service at it's finest). We made our usual flirty, Friday small-talk, and talked about what each of us had planned for the weekend. But that day was different...he ended the conversation with a smooth, cool, "Maybe I'll see ya around..." Yeah right, I could only WISH. After all, he was too cute to not have a girlfriend, right? That very night, I got a phone call from a mutual friend of ours. Dan was with him, got on the phone and asked me out on a date for the following night. I was SO excited. The next night, he took me out to dinner...and well, the rest is history. We've been attached at the hip ever since. We're two qwirky, laid-back, 20-somethings who are obsessed with our 4 kids (DOGS), and as happy now as we have ever been! We got hitched on May 1, 2009. Live in Indianola, IA. Dan is a Master Plumber & I work in the banking industry as a Mortgage Loan Service Specialist. We have 4 dogs - A Beagle named Frank, 2 Chihuahua's named Beans & Barney, and a Boston Terrier named Sig.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Date Night Questions!

At Tara's request, I have compiled a list of date night questions from around the web.  As I was going through these, I think it would be fun to have both of you read the list and choose 5-10 questions that you want to ask each other on your date.  It could be fun to see what questions each of you pick and what the answers are.  You could also pick 3-5 questions and do a few each date!
Have fun and enjoy learning something new about each other!

Name three countries you would like to visit.
Which celebrity annoys you the most?
How would you spend $1,000?  $10,000?  $100,000?
If you could try out any occupation for a year, what would it be?
On a scale of 1 to 10 how cool are you?
What are your 5 favorite foods?
What are your 5 favorite desserts?
What are your 5 favorite restaurants?
What are your 5 favorite hobbies?
What is your favorite song?
What is the yuckiest thing you've ever had to do?
Who is the best teacher you've ever had?
If you could rewind to any point in your past, what would you want to relive?
If you could take lessons to become an expert at anything, what would it be?
How would you spend a perfect day alone?
What would you want us to do together for the next ten years if you knew they were our last?
What’s the most honest thing you have ever done?
Hollywood called, they want to make a movie about your life, who would play you?
Name something you love that no one seems to like. (Or name something that everyone seems to love except for you.)
What’s the one item you own that you know you should get rid of but never will?
Name one thing you miss about our dating years? (Then talk about how you can make it a part of your dating again.)
If you could bring one historical person back to life in order to make things better in the world, who would it be?
Who are the friends that you wish you still had?
Which one of the world's cultures do you find the most interesting and fascinating?
How has the world changed the most since you were a kid?
What do you wish hadn't changed in the world?
What are the top four places you would like to visit in your own country? In the world?
What are the top four places--in your country or in the world--you would like to live?
Who do you need to forgive?
What historical event would you like to have been a part of?
What kind of old person do you want to be?
What is your favorite bible verse(s)?
What makes you the most fulfilled or happiest as a woman/man?
What makes you the most fulfilled or happiest as a wife/husband?
What makes you the most fulfilled or happiest as a mother/father?
What makes you saddest as a woman/man?
What makes you saddest as a wife/husband?
What makes you saddest as a mother/father?
What do you fear the most?
What other fears do you have?
What do you look forward to the most?
What do you consider to be your skills?
What are your weaknesses?
What do you enjoy doing with me?
What things can I do that show my appreciation of you?
What things do you see by my actions that I place first in my life?
Last one, make it good! What’s something positive about me that you don’t say often enough? (Then decide to say it more.)


We have had some of our couples start their postings.  Keep up the good work!  I have heard from several of you that you have dates planned for this weekend or this next week.  I had better get the pen out and schedule myself a date as well!

I wanted to have a post with labels to use if you are doing any of the extra entries or posting your date summary.

Please include these labels for the corresponding posts:

Wedding Photo
Love Story
First Date
The Proposal
Date Summary, Name & Name, Month

Thanks, and be sure to ask if you have any questions!

Wedding Photo ~ Steph & Craig ~ 13 Years & Counting

Bookstore Date Idea

I just LOVE this idea for The Bookstore Date that I came across tonight. I had seen it around a few places, but just finally read what it was about tonight. It is basically a scavenger hunt you do in different sections of the store. Matt and I both love bookstores, so I think we would enjoy this.   The idea came from The Dating Divas site that I have already posted about.  Be sure to check out their other date ideas and let us know if you find another that we must know about!!!

Here is another version of this date posted at Love, Actually.  

Let me know what you think of this date idea and if you think you might try it sometime!

How We Met ~ Craig's Perspective (Steph & Craig)

Steph and I had a mutual friend...so a blind date was initiated. Her friend, Anne, graced her with an opportunity to meet me at one of my softball games. I met her after the game, thought she was adorable, saw she had a nice...very nice butt, and was SOLD. Lucky for me she had an endearing charm, wit, and unforgettable smile to go with that nice ass. :0)

The 5 Love Languages Quiz

Learn your love language-  both of you can do this quiz and compare what your primary love language is.

Click here to get started - it only takes a few minutes for each person! You might be surprised at your results!

How We Met: Tara and Dan

Dan and I actually met in High School, where he was in the class above me. I didn't know him well, I knew his younger sister better. In fact, he knew my twin sister much better. He was her first date and first kiss at age 14. Their relationship didn't last long. :)

Fast forward 12 years, age 26 (28 for Dan). I hadn't talked to Dan very much at all since high school other than maybe in college a few times because he was friends with someone I hitched a ride home with on weekends once in a while. In December of 1997 we were at a mutual friend's Christmas party and caught up and chatted a bit. I remember thinking he was very nice, but that's about it. (Oh, I also thought he looked like a lumberjack...flannel shirt and full red beard, ha ha!).

Fast forward again, 5 months later, May of 1998 and I was preparing to move from Pennsylvania to Atlanta for a job. The night before I moved I was out with this same mutual friend of ours who said we should go say goodbye to Dan before I left. I was like "Huh?? I don't talk to Dan.....haven't seen him since December at your party and before that probably the early 90's!" But..I agreed because I was sick and needed tissues and had a full bladder and needed to pee. Ha!

It was midnight and we woke him up. :/ We visited for a bit, I used his bathroom and his tissues and we were on our way.

Within the next couple of days he had emailed me. The details are sketchy, but apparently he had wanted to get in touch with me and never had after that party in December. So we emailed for a long time, at least a year, just as friends. We got closer and closer through email, phone and instant messaging. There were a number of obstacles to actually forming a romantic relationship, the distance between us being just one of them, but we saw each other a few times during that year when I would visit home and it became clear we were becoming more than friends. After about a year he made his first visit in Atlanta. Emails, calls, and visits back and forth continued for another year.

In May of 2000 he helped me move back to Pennsylvania and 2 weeks after that we got engaged. 6 months later, we were married!

We've been happily married 11 years now, have a 4 year old son and 3 year old daughter.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

How We Met: The Story of Steph & Craig's Beginning.

I had been off the man wagon for a bit so the fact that a girlfriend wanted to set me up on another blind date was not a priority for me. I let her know ahead of time that I would definitely go out but that #1. I was only going out to be social #2. I liked the idea of a free drink or eats #3. I was in no way shape or form interested in any sort of long term situation.

The setting: I tagged along to her husband's softball game. Craig happened to be an outfielder on the team. She pointed him out and of course the shallow Hal in me sized him up in the looks department. I liked the package, the bow (hair) on top was a little bit of a quandary. It was reminiscent of Lyle Lovett. Hair can be fixed and I had a fabulous stylist that would be just the gal for the challenge, ha! We stayed for the game and hit a local pub post game. Brief introductions were made prior to us heading out.

At the pub we chit chatted and did the small talk thing. The conversation was easy and fun. We giggled a lot about some of the stories from my work. He explained why he had moved from North Dakota to the Omaha area (grad. school). Really through the initial talk, I found myself interested in finding out more. He was a great listener and engaged in conversing from his side. Prior to the end of the evening, we exchanged numbers and the rest is history. We started dating after that.

Obviously, it is not a crazy and outlandish tale; however, it does give some value to the idea of a "blind date." You just never know if that date my be your potential mate!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Amber & Matt January Date Summary

Test post! Does anyone have their January dates planned yet?

How to Date Your Spouse Challenge

One of my favorite blogs, Tip Junkie, has recently started a new feature called the "How to Date Your Spouse Challenge". I just came across this today and will definitely be following along with them. Laurie is issuing a challenge every Monday with a date idea. She always has such awesome stuff on her blog so I am expecting lots of great ideas here. Be sure to check back in and see if you can find something that works for you!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Date Tips

I stumbled across this short little ditty of an article tonight at Marriage Matters Jackson.  Even though it is geared for the Jackson, Michigan crowd, it has lots of good pointers.  I also like that it is short, sweet, and to the point.  A couple of my favorite tips were "anticipate your time together" and "keep the business talk out of the date". They suggested sending a quick email or leaving a note for your partner that you are looking forward to date night.  I know that some of us feel like this dating thing might be a little corny at first, but making it into an important event I think will help get the ball rolling.  Date nights are few and far between with my spouse and I because we have a hard time not taking our son everywhere we go.  When we do get an opportunity to be on our own, we always comment on what a nice time we had, how we should do this more often, etc.  I have included us as one of the challenge couples because I know that we need to really work on time for ourselves!  Marriage Matters Jackson had mentioned keeping the "business talk" out of the date.  Many of us with children find that we could spend the whole evening talking about the little ones.  It is also easy to start in on money, bills, and other things that might need done and most of those topics are a real mood killer!  Try to make your date nights a time where you don't bring any of that to the table.  One of my favorite fun and simple dates they suggested on the site was the  road rally of fast food restaurants. Drive through and order one of your favorite items from each place.  This could be so fun and silly!  Be sure to check out their site and read the rest of the article here

Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Marriage You've Always Wanted Event

The Marriage You've Always Wanted Conference

Led by Dr. Gary Chapman, author of the best-selling Five Love Languages, this conference is not a dry, formal marriage seminar—it's a time of fun and discovery that can help you build the love relationship of your dreams. Whether you're getting married in six months—or have been married 60 years—you'll get solutions you can use. With biblical advice and a healthy dose of laughter, Dr. Chapman gives valuable tips on breaking unhealthy patterns and choosing to develop a God-honoring, happy marriage.

Couples both married and engaged will benefit from practical sessions addressing topics like communication differences, dealing with criticism, understanding love languages, and making sex mutually fulfilling. Join us for a day that will be a highlight for your marriage!

Dr. Chapman will be in Des Moines on February 18th.  Click here for ticket information.

The Dating Divas

Take some time to look through The Dating Divas website to gear up for your date night commitment.  Some of my favorites here are Ideas for Him, Ideas for Her, Quick & Easy Romance Ideas, and Anniversary Ideas.  Do you agree that it is easy to get in a slump and do the same old, same old?

At Home Date Ideas

Simply Modern Mom has a fantastic list of at home date ideas.  Also, be sure to take a look around their blog and check out Project 52- one date each week of the year!  You are sure to get some inspiration while there!

Alphabet Dates from The Romantic Vineyard

The Romantic Vineyard has a series of date ideas based on the letters of the Alphabet.  Click here to read more about their ideas.  They have several great ideas for each letter that would be fun to do!  If you look on their sidebar, they also have tons of other themed date ideas.