Sunday, February 5, 2012

It's a! Lonnie and Monica January Date

We are so fortunate to have both of our families live in town. We are even more fortunate that they are willing to watch our kids. Almost every weekend my in-laws volunteer to take our kids. We used to take advantage of this and use it as date time but since the 4th kiddo arrived it hasn't been as easy. She is older now and willing to go to grandma's with the boys so we are very excited to get back to dating.  Our first date was fantastic! We had only a small agenda, go to lunch, run a few errands and see where we ended up. My husband recently traded for a "new" van and we had to stop and pick up the extra set of keys. That was really the only thing that had to be done so once it was crossed off the list we were free to be...him and me. Ha! Does any one else know that song? Ok, I will warn you now I am easily distracted... anyway...We started driving and ended up at Hector's, not exactly a dream date location but we wanted to try some place we hadn't been. It was a good place for lunch, the service was fantastic and the food was good. We probably won't rush back but would definitely go back if we were in the neighborhood. We continued our journey west and ended up at Oakveiw. Again a few more short errands and we were back in the van. As we began talking about plans for supper we realize it is way to early to go eat plus we were both still full from lunch so we talk about going home to cook supper. A short stop off at Absolute Fresh Seafood and we are headed home with the BEST scallops you will ever eat in your life! But we were too tired to cook and decide after a pit stop at home to let the dogs out we would head over to Plattsmouth hubby says only the best for his ol' lady. Actually we love to eat there. It is cheap, good food. The service is always fast and we are hopeful that we will hit the jackpot some day.  Usually we win enough to cover supper and the bridge toll. That would not be the case this time but we were lucky enough to run into the Dyer/Lincoln family. That is almost like a jackpot....even if they wouldn't buy our dinner. We had a lot of fun together that day. We even started a list of places we would like to go on future dates. All restaurants of course. I am really looking forward to participating in this little experiment and getting date ideas from everyone else.

Side note: Hubby cooked the scallops with fillet for me the next night. Yummo! I do love him.


  1. Never been to either of the first two places. I think it is fun how you started thinking of future date ideas.

    Nothing could be better than a date night with hubby and running into my family! And you are right- Plattsmouth Keno is yummo!


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