Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Daniel & Katie January Date Night

I have dreaded posting January's date night because it was pretty lame. We had dinner on January 30th at Longhorn Steakhouse, did have nice conversation & used the questions that were posted to try to learn a little about each other. Had fun with the questions and really good food! Afterward we took our date to Target for diapers and pull-ups. Shopped around and goofed off for awhile, neither of us could remember the last time we went shopping together without our kids. We had a good time but both agreed that we need to be a little more adventurous with our dates, going to try to amp up the romance factor this month. Katie

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  1. K & D, it still sounds like a good night! I agree that just being alone and with out kids can be such a treat. You can have fun together and enjoy the company instead of being the "mom and dad" all the time. I think a lot of us are wanting to amp up the date night!


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