Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Kenzie & Dan - January Date Night

To be honest, I was kind of dissappointed in our first Date Night, but we did what we could, as best as we could, all while both of us were sick. One of our most favorite things to do together is to try out new recipes at home. Since we had both been sick for about a week, we were TOTALLY chicken noodle soup and grilled cheese'd out and really wanted something GOOD. I had a recipe (found on Pinterest, of course) that I had wanted to try, so we made our trip to the store together, browsed up and down the isles, and found all ingredients to make our very own, homemade GYRO's. :) We came home, cooked those bad boys up, and talked about things we could do for our next date. After eating (recipe was sort-of a dud), we stepped outside to let out our doggies, and heard our neighbor yell at us to "Come on over!" Oh boy, did we really have to? I mean, after all, we were on a Date Night at home, not dressed very well (I don't think I had but a little bit of mascara on my face), and we were ready to snuggle in and watch a movie. Dan said "Ahh, what the heck? Come on, let's go over there for a minute and just say Hi." We haven't had much of a chance to ever get to know our neighbor, as we are fairly new to the community. We did know that he used to be the old Art teacher at the High School here, and he ended up re-modeling his garage and turned it into his very own "Art Showcase." He showed us around his "gallery", and showed us a few steps on how he makes his pottery. Very cool, very impressive I must say! I wish I would have had my phone at the time so I could take a few pictures of him in action, but I left it on the kitchen counter at home. After about a half hour, we left and came back home. Not exactly how we wanted to spend the rest of our Date Night, but by the time we got home and laughed about it for a little bit (he's a little different), we were ready for bed!
I know, not too exciting, but like I said, we had both been fighting bad head colds for a week or so. Can't wait to plan our February date...

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  1. Sounds good, yes wish you had some pics! Can't wait to hear about your Feb date! Who is planning?


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