Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Bathtub Incident-January Date

We actually completed our January date a few weeks ago, however, I am ever the procrastinator. You will most likely notice that pattern the rest of the year. We were lucky enough to have an overnight babysitter (my amazing mother in law). We were so giddy about having an evening....overnight evening....without kiddos! We had no idea where to go for dinner so I suggested we should try someplace new. We hopped in the car, with no idea where we were going, only to find that the main route out of our neighborhood was being blocked by a HUGE barn, being towed by a semi...with another semi behind it carrying a HUGE silo. There were police cars everywhere and it made for interesting conversation.

We found a different route out of the neighborhood and headed toward 168th and Center to look for a new place to dine. We decided on Shucks as we had never been and I LOVE raw oysters, Josh will eat them too but I wouldn't say he loves them.....and you know what they say about raw oysters. :) So, we walked into the restaurant and immediately decided that the atmosphere was not date night atmosphere at all. We left. We ended up at Vincenzo's. We had to wait a good 45 minutes to eat and we were not impressed. The food was ok, the atmosphere was ok, the service was good, but it was nothing special. We really enjoyed the house wine. We decided to stop at Hy-Vee, grab more wine, and go home and try to create a romantic evening. We drew a hot bubble bath, lit candles, played some fun music really loud over the surround sound and I climbed in with my glass of wine. Next, here comes Josh, only as he is climbing in, he knocks his glass of wine off of the edge of the tub into the water and it shatters! So I am sitting in the tub afraid to move. Thanks to the wine, this was quite funny to both of us. He grabbed the large pieces out and I very carefully stood up and got out, hoping not to get cut. We cleaned up the remaining glass and started to draw another bath, only we were totally out of hot water. So, we nixed that fun idea. Years ago, I attended one of those "slumber parties" and had purchased a romantic couples game, complete with game board and all. We had never even opened it and decided to try it out. It had potential.....but we ended up falling asleep before it really got fun. We are both looking forward to our February date....hoping it is a little more romantic!


  1. This is so funny! That stinks that nothing seemed to be going your way~ at least you have the memories to laugh at! Vincenzios is one of my favorites also.

    Looking forward to hearing about your Feb. date!

  2. Very cute. Bathtub dates never appear the same in person as they are in the movies.

  3. This made me laugh. On our January date where we went away there was a hot tub outside. I fell getting into (huge splash) AND out of the hot tub (skinned knee). The temp outside was in the teens and of course I was naked. Completely anti-romantic. :) I love the picture of the barn...Is this a typical sight?!


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