Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Favorite Valentine's Day Bonus Point Challenge

Valentine's Day is a week away!  Share with us your favorite Valentine's Day memory.  It could be a romantic date, an evening in, a special gift, or how your plans went totally NOT according to plan!  Think back through your years together and share one of your favorite memories in the comment section on this post for a bonus entry!


  1. To be quite honest, I've never been a real "fan" of Valentine's Day. To me, it seems a little over-rated, and why just show the one you love a little extra lovin' on ONE day? The Hubby and I never really do anything special on Valentine's Day, except get eachother a really cheesy card. A couple years ago, I got the sweetest homemade card from him....and I still have it to this day! Nothing better than an unexpected homemade card! :)

  2. I can honestly say we have never made it a huge deal to make Valentine's a big deal. We exchange a few gifts and call it good. My gift this year was exceptional. The boys bought me some canvas, paint brushes, watercolors, and additional art goodies. I love practical gifts. My husband rocks that way.

  3. We have never been ones to do a lot of celebrating on Valentine's Day. The first 7 years of our marriage the holiday itself or the weekend of were usually spent in a high school gym at the district wrestling tournament. My favorite memory however, is that for our first 4-5 years we always gave each other a home-made card. Matt was the one who started this and I still have them. They will always be very special because of how creative they were each year. We haven't done it for a few years. I am guessing that some of that now is that I work on Valentine's for Brock's classroom instead of making one for my hubby! Maybe it is time to start up again!


Thanks for sharing!