Monday, February 6, 2012

Krystal and Justin - January Date!

We are super creative people, so we decided that we would go and see a movie for our date night. Our younger son had a sleepover to attend, so we asked my mom and dad to watch our older son while we went out. After dropping him off, we headed to the Marcus Theater at Midtown Crossing. We have always wanted to try the dine-in theater option. We chose Girl with a Dragon Tattoo because I've read the books and really wanted to see the movie. The food was really tasty! It is somewhat awkward to eat during the movie because you are trying not to chomp and make noise during the quiet parts. After the movie, we didn't want to be out too late because it was Saturday night and we didn't want our sons to miss Sunday school the next morning. I know, a pretty straightforward date night, but we have some more interesting stories coming up (how we met, first date, etc.). We are looking forward to a date each month and coming up with some more creative places to go!

p.s. This is not a photo of us on our date, but the most recent photo of us together. We forgot to take a picture on our date night. . .

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  1. Hot stuff Krystal!!! You look gorgeous! I want to try that theater as well!


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