Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Jason & Mindy - January Date

The day that we decided to kick the dating project off it was 65 degrees. Mindy came up with a great plan for us to go out and enjoy the weather by playing Frisbee golf. One of our very first dates in Ames was spent Frisbee golfing, and it was an activity that we've both always talked about doing again sometime when we get the chance.

Unfortunately, it got to be 5:00p.m., daycare was running late, and the sunlight faded a little too soon for us to make it to a Frisbee golf course anywhere close-by. Our babysitter arrived and we had to scramble for a quick Plan B!!

I came in the house to change out of my work clothes, and had an idea. I searched a couple websites and came across an events calendar for the Omaha/Council Bluffs area. There in front of me was our Plan B...ice skating at the Mid-America Center. Bingo!!

When we arrived at the Mid-America Center we picked up our skates and strapped them on. We headed out onto the ice and began instantly pulling off triple axels, back flips, and an assortment of other skilled ice skating moves. It was just like being in the Olympics, only it was the Mid America Center and Council Bluffs. Ok, so we didn't really have any sweet moves, but neither of us fell the entire time and we had a lot of fun skating together.

After we were done ice skating we went on to Michael's in the Old Market for dinner. The service was lousy and the food was not much better, but once again just spending an evening together made it alright. We shared an order of fajitas and enjoyed each others company.

As a tradition, no date is ever complete without dessert. We stopped at the new Freddy's restaurant in Council Bluffs for ice cream. That definitely made up for our Michael's experience. We were extremely stuffed and ready to call it a night.

January was a great date and we look forward to 11 more months of fun!

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  1. Great job you guys- the frisbee golf sounds like a romantic idea to think back on your first date, but it sounded like your date turned out perfect! And neither one of you fell once.... I'm impressed!


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