Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Penelope and Morty January Date Summary

Mort and I just returned from Hawaii. We have been to the big island before but this year we saw the entire island by a 4 wheel Jeep- this is the only way to travel.
Morty and I went on a mile hike to see some petroglyphs, we went off roading to the green sand beach and drove up to the top of the highest mountain.
I love me some Morty!!


  1. Pretty sure you were the one that asked me if you have to leave the house for your dates because you don't have any babysitters? You asked if you can just go out on the deck when the baby is asleep!!! HAWAII IS NOT THE DECK, GIRL!!!

    What a fantastic date! Even if you did have to leave a cute little boy home with grandma.

  2. Wow, what a date! It looks amazing there :) We've never been to the big island or a green sand beach before. We'll have to put it on our bucket list!

  3. Ok so the mall is not Hawaii, I will have to let Craigger know about your January date, he is planning our February date. Hawaii would work for me too. You luckies!

  4. I won't be competing with your date either.....sounds AMAZING!! :)


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