Saturday, January 21, 2012

Sweetheart Journal

You have just enough time to craft up a fabulous Sweetheart Journal for a cute Valentine's Day gift.  This original idea of Can-o-Dates and Sweetheart Journal came from My Creative Stirrings.  This site is full of other awesome ideas as well.  I came across the idea from my lovely blog friend Nikki's WhiMSy Love site.

Creative ideas to include in your journal could include: games (the dot game, tic tac toe), poems, letters, pictures, notes, comments about dates...include this poem inside your journal with the rules/ instructions on how to have fun with it!

This little book has a purpose for you,
Its use should be shared between two.
Simply write a love letter, a poem, or note
To the one you adore, love, and often dote.
Then, hide this book for your sweetheart to find
And wait for a reply that will tickle your mind.
Remember, be creative and have fun
You have only your spouse's heart to be won.

Check out printable resources here at The Dating Divas.
If you don't feel like making the Can-o-Dates, you can purchase the paper part from Etsy here.

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