Wednesday, January 11, 2012

How We Met: The Story of Steph & Craig's Beginning.

I had been off the man wagon for a bit so the fact that a girlfriend wanted to set me up on another blind date was not a priority for me. I let her know ahead of time that I would definitely go out but that #1. I was only going out to be social #2. I liked the idea of a free drink or eats #3. I was in no way shape or form interested in any sort of long term situation.

The setting: I tagged along to her husband's softball game. Craig happened to be an outfielder on the team. She pointed him out and of course the shallow Hal in me sized him up in the looks department. I liked the package, the bow (hair) on top was a little bit of a quandary. It was reminiscent of Lyle Lovett. Hair can be fixed and I had a fabulous stylist that would be just the gal for the challenge, ha! We stayed for the game and hit a local pub post game. Brief introductions were made prior to us heading out.

At the pub we chit chatted and did the small talk thing. The conversation was easy and fun. We giggled a lot about some of the stories from my work. He explained why he had moved from North Dakota to the Omaha area (grad. school). Really through the initial talk, I found myself interested in finding out more. He was a great listener and engaged in conversing from his side. Prior to the end of the evening, we exchanged numbers and the rest is history. We started dating after that.

Obviously, it is not a crazy and outlandish tale; however, it does give some value to the idea of a "blind date." You just never know if that date my be your potential mate!


  1. Stephanie~ great story! Thanks for sharing. You are also a talented writer, I enjoyed the humor! I have always thought you and Craig seem like a perfect match.

    Thanks again for sharing this with us!

  2. Yeah, ditto what Amber said. It's so interesting to hear your story and that the blind date thing worked out so well. It was meant to be!!!


Thanks for sharing!