Sunday, January 22, 2012

TeamPatzer's Date Night ~ January

Sooo excited, our date from last weekend was moved to tonight and it was fabulous! First things first, our boys were able to hang with a friend for an overnight so we did not have to hire a sitter. That is the icing on the cake prior to date night even occuring! Free sitter! In addition, we had a gift card to our dinner destination, a gift from Christmas.

We started our date at the Thrift Shop. Some may find that repulsive, we find it extraordinary. We are in the process of a remodel so we were able to find a bargain on a loveseat. The current state, not so fantastic, the projected state, awesome. We are upcycling a pretty greusome print for a wonderful olive green pressed velvet. Vision people!

I presented Craig with a date night invite that included a little challenge, taken from the Book Store Date Night with a few tweaks. We love to shop, so naturally we were to include a shopping excursion! We headed to one of our favorite haunts, Post N Nickel. While we were there, we were to each pick out an outfit for one another, something we find fun, that they may not. The deal, we had to try it on and get a photo. Craig's outfit, that I chose, actually did not stray too far from one of his closet outfits that he currently owns, with th exception of the price tag, the crazy print shirt was shy of $300, really?The outfit that Craig chose for me, was definately a favorite of his, but not so much for me. I felt somewhat like a 2 bit hooker in it. Not that I would entirely know. I just don't normally wear skin tight dresses with visual cleavage and super duper high heels. The sweet little sales associate thought it looked fabulous, even sharing that it came in black, so rather than looking like a low class hooker, I could potentially look like a high class more slender street walker, since black is slimming???? Ha! Craig wanted to purchase the outfit, but I had to put the kabosh on that one, letting him know full well it would do nothing more than hang in the closet.

Our next destination was Von Maur to continue the date challenge. We were to find some fabulous shoes that we could each try on as well as some accessories. Craig was easy. He likes shoes and he likes Von Maurs selection of men's shoes. I found some fabulous suede Nubuks which actually went great with his oufit. He gave me the puppy dog eyes and begged like a little school girl for mama to buy them. Since mams is also chief financial officer, the firm no took place. Funny, he was able to muster enough money out of his own pocket to wrap them up for a take home. The shoes he picked for me were fine; quite cute in fact; however, the practical girl in me said "I love them Honey, but I will never wear them." As much as he wanted to buy them, I talked him out of it. Little does he know I would rather him save his money to contribute to a pair of Old Gringos that I have my eye on.Accessories were a bit more difficult for my guy, as much as Von Maur does have, they do lack in the men's add on department. A couple of hats that were more suited for my dad. We did find a large faced watch in orange, he dug it.

 Finding accessories for me, not tough at all. I love me a good hat and they had many to choose from. The quandry was to find one that was bit different from something other than similar to my closet types. Found it! Loved it! Craig grabbed a leopard print clutch to photograph as well. He may need to change careers from Sales to Stylist!

Ok, so the shopping really helped us work up our appetites. We headed to PF Chang's. The pitfall, Saturday night date night is popular for others as well, leaving a 60 minute wait, ouch! We inched our way to the bar and found a couple of spots to slide into and eat right there! Bye 60 minutes, hello meal time. We just had a ball chit chatting about our vision for the future of my business, expansion ideas and such. We do very well throwing out some fun ideas and expanding on them. We also do well with eating. The kung pao shrimp never disappoints. Soooo very fun and a true delight. Looking forward to the next one!PS ~ One thing I do notice in the photos ~ I should have bought the Botox groupon that came out this week! 


  1. You are seriously too funny! Love the twist on the book store idea~ way to go! Did you pick out the one shoe on/ one shoe off look for C too? And I would agree, I have never seen you in something with so much uh...cleavage ;) You both looked fabulous however! I also agree that I think black does take the hooker status up a notch. Thanks for such a fun recap on your date and sharing the pictures with us!

  2. Thanks for helping get the photos up and running. We truely feel blessed that you included us in this. We are looking forward to next month's date. It is forcing us to get creative so we don't do the same old, in addition, it makes us actually go out and forget the excuses as to why we should not. Craig's comments: "I love my wife (that's me:)) Thanks to Matt and Amber, great idea!

  3. You guys are so creative. Love the watch and the coat!

  4. Funny, Craig only had one shoe on during the outfit photo because that is the only shoe they had on display. He actually loved them, so he ended up having them get the other shoe and bought them. Yes, the dress definately showed off my doctor's work a bit too much. I like to keep my girls a little bit more hidden.

  5. ADORABLE date.....and NO botox needed....that would be a waste of money! :)


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