Monday, January 9, 2012

Date Tips

I stumbled across this short little ditty of an article tonight at Marriage Matters Jackson.  Even though it is geared for the Jackson, Michigan crowd, it has lots of good pointers.  I also like that it is short, sweet, and to the point.  A couple of my favorite tips were "anticipate your time together" and "keep the business talk out of the date". They suggested sending a quick email or leaving a note for your partner that you are looking forward to date night.  I know that some of us feel like this dating thing might be a little corny at first, but making it into an important event I think will help get the ball rolling.  Date nights are few and far between with my spouse and I because we have a hard time not taking our son everywhere we go.  When we do get an opportunity to be on our own, we always comment on what a nice time we had, how we should do this more often, etc.  I have included us as one of the challenge couples because I know that we need to really work on time for ourselves!  Marriage Matters Jackson had mentioned keeping the "business talk" out of the date.  Many of us with children find that we could spend the whole evening talking about the little ones.  It is also easy to start in on money, bills, and other things that might need done and most of those topics are a real mood killer!  Try to make your date nights a time where you don't bring any of that to the table.  One of my favorite fun and simple dates they suggested on the site was the  road rally of fast food restaurants. Drive through and order one of your favorite items from each place.  This could be so fun and silly!  Be sure to check out their site and read the rest of the article here

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  1. My husband and I are in business together so it's especially difficult to keep business talk out of conversation when we're out on a date. Things are extremely busy right now and other than business I find there's not much else going on besides the kids! So it's either business or kids that we talk about. It's something I really need suggestions for! I'd love to talk about something else once in a while! :)


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