Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Steph & Craig Date Night March

My month to plan. February and March have been incredibly hectic, Craig had to be gone a lot so we decided to keep our March date at home. I googled some date night questions and we went through about 25 of them. You could tell that the questions aimed for early daters and not married folk, one of the questions asked "Are you a virgin?", we don't think we are, but I was anxiously awaiting Craig's answer. I don't think we learned anything new with the questions, it is always fun just to go through them. We also painted each other's toe nails. My hubby's a good sport. I told him that I read that it's very romantic to do this, so what the heck. I chose a nice black for him so it leaned a little bit more Rock Star. He went with a chocolate brown for me. Lesson learned, it is actually easier to paint my own toes, than it is to paint someone elses. They were not as smooth as I would have liked. You can imagine the horror in the morning when the boy's saw Craig's toenails, Sawyer actually teared up. He thought Dad's toenails would be like that forever. We ended the little date by doing portraits of one another in crayon. I love doing artwork, but portraits are quite obviously not my thing. Craig turned out a little bit like Randy Jackson. I looked much like Pippy Longstocking. It was a hoot. We really had a nice time focusing on us here at home. I am telling you, we are always in different directions when we are here, so spending time together on the couch, minus children (they were in bed), tv, or phones was great! We are really looking forward to April or May's date, a little get away, just trying to nail down dates!


  1. Love the portrait idea! What a cute keepsake! I might know another husband who has painted his toenails before as well. Also, don't forget about the list of question ideas in this post for futre... it might give you some new ideas:


  2. This is such a cute idea. You guys are very creative. It was so sweet of Sawyer to worry about his dad :)


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