Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Amber & Matt - February Date

Wow, here it is the 6th and the dates for February are due by tomorrow!  I have wanted to sit down and write about our date several times but time has really gotten away from me.   Honestly, I also think I was hoping for another redo this month for our date.  We didn't get grouchy over Matt rushing me at Target this month, but our date was a little disappointing.

I reserved us a spot at the Date Night Challenge that was offered at our church (mentioned in this post).  I thought that we could go to this special event and get encouraged to continue on our date night journey, enjoy some desserts at the event, and then head out for some drinks together after.  What goes better with church then drinks, right??

Let me start with Matt worked Friday night from 11 PM- 7 AM.  When he got home, he showered, changed, and headed right out the door to help run a huge wrestling tournament at our local high school.  I headed off to a Scentsy event with some of the ladies on my team.  Around 5 PM, I met Matt at the high school and we headed home to change and head to the event.  (If you are following along closely, you will notice that Matt has not been to bed yet....)

We rushed our son to the babysitter (an overnight babysitter I might add) and headed to the church.  We got there right on time and got a front row seat.  I knew that the Date Night Challenged included some pre-recorded webcast stuff.... I just didn't know it was ALL pre-recorded webcast.  I was thinking it would be people talking then play a little clip etc. 

Oh boy.  Big fun with a tired guy here, let me tell you.  Matt was great the whole time, I knew he was tired but I think he tried to fake having fun because he knew how important our night was to me.  The (pre-recorded) comedian was pretty funny but that was our favorite part.  Honestly, I couldn't wait to get out of there so we could go have some fun together!   (Remember we were in the front row...it's not like we could sneak out early!)

Unfortunately, Matt was too tired to go out after and had been up over 24 hours.  So, we headed home, after a quick stop to pick up our little guy.

So, like I mentioned in the last post, we are trying to adjust to our new schedules with Matt's job.  Maybe we will need to do some day dates when he is not so tired or those weeknight dates when he is off.  No matter what, it's Matt's turn in March to do the planning!  I'm sure he will come up with something better than my last two ideas!!!


  1. That sounds like a neat thing to see - too bad it was pre-recorded webcasts. Kudos to you for thinking of a creative meaningful date and making the best of it!


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