Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Robyn & Josh February Date

Josh and I did not have a sitter for Valentine's Day so we celebrated on Thursday the 16th. Our daughters did not have school on Friday the 17th so my mother in law once again agreed to take them so we could have an overnight date. I had a last minute idea on the 15th to try Priceline to rent a hotel worked.....and it was CHEAP! I got us a room at the DoubleTree downtown for $40!! I LOVE Priceline! I did not tell Josh as I wanted to surprise him with the room. The next morning as he left for work I had to RAPIDLY pack both him and myself for an overnight trip before I had to leave for work......I literally had 30 minutes to accomplish this. (I ended up forgetting both deodorant and toothpaste for us BOTH....ugh!!!). I wasn't quite sure how or when I was going to surprise him and it ended up being a little lame. He sent me a text after work asking how late I would be working....I responded with "Meet me at the Doubletree, Room 1509". He showed up WAY before I was ready so the surprise wasn't as I had pictured it on a soap opera or! :) We decided to try Crave in Midtown for Happy Hour. It was ok but we both decided a little too upscale for us. Josh ate the garnish off my plate which we both assumed was salmon, however, it was shaved fresh ginger root! Funniest moment ever. We asked our server what it was when she returned.....he said it tasted like Pledge. We decided that we are small town people at heart and just prefer steak and potatoes, nothing fancy. After that, we tried out a bar adjoining the Cresent Moon called Max and Joe's. A gal I work with recommend a great Belgium beer called Duchesse de Bourgogne. It was fabulous! After just one drink, we called it an early night and headed back to our hotel room. We watched Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice while giving each other massages and drinking wine. We ended up both falling asleep without any FUN stuff.... :) We seem to have a pattern.... no kids=total relaxation+no sex. So much for trying to do something romantic. We could have done that at home. Good news is I only spent $40 on the room!


  1. Crave is not our favorite either. The ginger story cracked me up. I went for sushi a week or so ago with a friend and told the story to her while we were eating about Josh doing that!

    What a deal on the room! I never would have thought to do it for rooms locally!

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  3. Sorry, I messed up my comment above. That hotel room was a great deal! I would not have thought of that either. We'll have to try Max and Joe's, we've never been there before. That is funny about the ginger! At least he didn't mistake the wasabi for pistachio ice cream (like on Cars 2) Haha!


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