Monday, March 26, 2012

March Prize Question

Hi everyone!  I hope you have your plans made for your March date night.  Ours is scheduled for Friday night.  I've got more prizes to give away this month!  Matt and I will do another amazing video drawing to choose the winner for you! I know everyone was so entertained by our last vlog.  You have until March 31st to leave your comment on this post for your entry.  Winners will be drawn on April 1st~ and that's no joke!

Here is how to enter~

Comment on this post with a response from both Husband AND Wife to this question:

What is something you have learned about married life that you didn't know before you tied the knot! 

Thanks for playing along and good luck!


  1. I have learned that closet space is not just for the ladies, he has given me a run for my money. I also have learned that I like having a partner that knows me well enough to accept and not judge, or at least he keeps the judging to a minimum, ha! I like the safety net of someone having my back, and he always does ~ Posted by Steph

    Well...not sure if I'm going to have enough space for this one :0). I didnt realize how much trouble a guy with poor aim can get into for not lifitng the seat, but beyond that what I've enjoyed experiencing is how we seem to, as the years pass, slowly become ONE...our interest, views, and for the most part (when she isnt wrong) our opinions on life. love ya it or not your just like me...lucky.

  2. "It's really helpful to say 'Yes Dear' a lot." - Justin

    I didn't realize that I would someday use the crock pot I received for my wedding shower! On a more serious note, I didn't realize that once the "butterflies in your stomach" stage of the relationship is over, it sometimes takes a fierce stubbornness to stay together. I've heard it said that people don't change much after the age of 25, but I think they really can. I learned it is possible to fall in love with each other all over again!! - Krystal


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