Wednesday, March 7, 2012

February Date Night - Jason and Mindy

Does one need to visit Europe to experience the finest Italian food around, or to see the latest in landscape design trends? No way! As our February date proved, you can find all of that in Omaha.

We celebrated Valentine's Day a few days early to try to beat some of the usual holiday rush. We always like to try new places whenever we can, so I surprised Mindy and made reservations at Lo Sole Mio in South Omaha. The place was pretty packed, but according to the reviews I had read online, this is a pretty popular place. The food was amazing and the portions were so huge that our leftovers fed our family for 3 days. Great experience!

After dinner, Mindy and I decided to pay the Omaha Home and Garden Show a visit. It doesn't really scream romance, but when you have three kids and quiet moments are rarely shared, any time spent together is special. We visited some booths, sampled some delicious toffee covered peanuts and learned a few interesting facts about food co-ops in Nebraska. We were only there for an hour and a half, but thoroughly had a good time.

The weather that night was freezing cold, so we headed for home to warm up and called it a night. Project 2*12 date night number two = SUCCESS!


  1. Lo Sole Mio is one of my all time favs! We had our rehersal dinner there!

  2. I want to go there so bad! We have never been! Lo Sole Mio that is...I've been to the Home/ Garden show :)

  3. We haven't been to Lo Sole Mio in such a long time! It is a wonderful place (if you can find it)! Sounds like an awesome date, Jason and Mindy!!


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