Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Tara & Dan: Love Story

Dan and Tara met in high school. Actually maybe Jr. High. They went to a small private, Christian school and they don't actually remember meeting each other. Tara and her twin sister, Pam, were friends with Dan's younger sister, J, so it's certain they met at some point.

When Tara was in 9th grade, Dan dated Tara's twin sister, Pam. Dan was Pam's first date and first kiss.

This is a fact that men high five Dan about..because "dude, twins?" And women moan with Tara about, because "aww...your sister?!"

But they didn't date long. And Tara swore that she would never, ever date anyone her twin sister did.

Dan graduated high school in 1988 and Tara graduated high school in 1990.

Fast forward to 1997. Dan and Tara, both college graduates and working professionally, were at a Christmas party of a high school mutual friend, L, and they chatted. Briefly. Nothing significant.

Fast forward to May of 1998. Tara and this same mutual friend, L, were out for the evening, the night before Tara moved from Pennsylvania to Atlanta for a job. L insisted that Tara say "goodbye" to Dan which Tara thought was very strange, considering she didn't ever talk to him. But Tara was sick and needed tissues. She also had to use the bathroom. So she said o.k.

And it was midnight when they rang Dan's doorbell and he answered and let them in (to his VERY cool apartment, which was in an old one room school house).

Dan, Tara and L chatted briefly and Dan told Tara he had tried to email her recently. What? Why?  Tara still doesn't know.

The next day Tara moved to Atlanta.

Shortly after moving to Atlanta in 1998, Tara, who was dating someone, became single. And Tara and Dan began emailing. And then they began emailing more and more and more. They became very good friends. They talked nearly every day.  There were many complicated things that occurred...they'd like to keep those things private.

In 1999 they fell in love and knew it was right. And so Tara broke her rule to never date anyone her sister did.

In May of 2000 Tara moved back to Pennsylvania and in June 2000 Tara and Dan got engaged. In December 2000 they got married.

Tara and Dan have been happily married for 11 years, 4 months, 2 days and have 2 miracle children.

The past 11 years have had many ups and downs for Tara and Dan. They've been through several grandparent, aunt and uncle deaths, a parental marriage breakup, faith issues, a sibling marriage breakup, a sudden parental death, 5+ years of infertility, 3 moves, 2 job changes, etc...

But they're a perfect match and they're happy!!! :)

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