Thursday, May 31, 2012

Steph and Craig May Date

We did not get an April date in so we made up for it with our May date in a big way. We are currently enjoying a fabulous date weekend here in Scottsdale! We landed at 9 this morning. We chose Scottsdale in June because we have both been here before and did not want to do much more than hang out and do nothing! We did just that today! We chose the gorgeous Phoenician Resort, old school and a class act. I have not been called Mrs. Patzer this much since I was a teacher. We hung at the pool for over 4 hours, eating, drinking, swimming and sleeping (Craig). I read half a book. Who does that when they are a mom? I rocked it with the SPF 50, no sunburn ~ so I will enjoy my massage tomorrow. My milky white skin cannot take much! We had some great talking points, met some lovely Kanooks and balked at the cost of drinks ~ $20 per drink. We came back, put out the do not disturb sign and played reindeer games, aka Shades of Grey. We showered up and headed to Fashion Squarebtondo what we do best ~ shop! We actually did not buy anything but found a great deal. Next time. We ate some sushi and had some really good chit chat. We shopped some more and headed back, the time change is killer. We are gearing up for our June date tomorrow, a big old hike up Camelback. We need to do this 1x a year.

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