Thursday, May 24, 2012

Amber and Matt May Date Summary

Since we didn't get a date in for April, I wanted to make sure we were able to get a date in for May.  The month is half over and our new baby is due any day now.  I know that we might not get time for a date with just the two of us over the next few months so I tried to think of something special we could do.  I know going out to eat is not really that special and nothing too exciting however!  I have always wanted to go to a place in Omaha called Lo Sole Mio.  I have always heard how wonderful their food is (the best around) and wanted to go for years.  Both Matt and I have never been there so that made it kind of fun. I looked it up online and was actually surprised that it is not actually as "fancy" as I had thought it was.  It is nice but still a bit casual.  You could be in jeans and a nice shirt or a dress and suit. 

My grandma and grandpa were going to take our son Brock and his cousins to the Three Stooges at the local theater so I knew we had a babysitter for the evening (our problem last month).  I hadn't really told Matt about my date night plans in advance however.  Friday morning Matt came home from work and went straight to track day at the school. He came home at noon to sleep until 5:30 when he had to be up to coach B's baseball game.  Later that night Matt headed back in to work.  Saturday morning he was off at 7 and we met him uptown for breakfast before he started an overtime shift at 8:30 for the parade.  After the parade (and the day after payday) we did a big grocery shop and he finally got home to go to bed around 3 in the afternoon.  I dropped Brock off at 6:30 at grandmas and came home to the quiet house.  I was bored out of my mind and I really wanted to go out on my date but knew how tired my hubby was!

At 8 I woke him up and told him my plan.  He didn't realize it was so late so he was fine to wake up and go!  It was pouring rain and we had no idea where this place was but GPS took us right there!

We got right in and had  a nice table in the corner.  The place was pretty quiet.  I had heard the food was huge and that was no lie!! It could have served 3-4 people so I was happy with our yummy leftovers!  Dinner and conversation was great and I am glad I got a little "alone" time with my man before our life turns upside down with the new baby!!!

** We don't have any pics because when I ordered  us a cannoli for dessert to take a cute little cheesy date night picture, Matt said, "does everything have to be about your facebook status or blogs?"  and totally ruined my moment. So, um, yeah.  I of course got teary (I'm a little adoptive emotional) and said something like- I wish you would just see how important these dates are to me and actually want to go on them and plan something for us instead of every date being a dud because you always make me mad because you are not romantic enough and this date night blog is important to me and I'm trying to win the jackpot for us by making sure we get a date each month and I don't think you even care if we go on dates .....or something along those lines.  And then I was pretty much a sour puss the rest of the drive home after Matt tried to say he was sorry and offered to take the picture but of course I was too stubborn to do it.  I know- this may totally come as a shock to some of you!

:)  But luckly, I don't stay pouty for long!

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  1. :) Your sour-pussness made me laugh. Totally something I would do. ;) I'm glad you got out this month!


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