Monday, April 30, 2012

Dan and Tara: April Date

So in March, we had no date. Sad to say. It passed with no time to ourselves, boo hoo.

This past Saturday we realized we had no evening plans and a mother (mine) we could visit to ask to watch the kids for our last ditch April date! Score!

We went out for Thai food. To a small town around here that has just about every type of restaurant food you'd want. We tried Thai, I hope to try more restaurants in the future. Our food was delicious.

 Half way through our evening I remembered our neighborhood friends were also on a date night that evening so Dan texted them. Lo and behold they were a few doors down from us so we planned to meet at a bar for drinks! Good times!

Before our friends arrived I snagged a trivia sheet from the bar and made Dan cooperate with me for quiz time. I learned he gives up pretty easily if he doesn't get the answer right the first time. :/ I also learned my horoscope for the month was to consider professional help for the goals I hope to achieve. Hmm.....Dan and I both agreed that professional help might be in the form of an interior decorator. Would that be nice?!

 That's as exciting as it gets for us here. Next month's date will be out of state and I hope it will be more exciting!! :)


  1. I'm so glad you were able to get in some time for a date this month! I'm sad to say that we waited til the end of the month and then had no babysitter tonight! :( We had some fun family time, but no date.

    I haven't tried Thai...but that is a good idea to try new types of food each month for us!

  2. Amber, everyone I know who has not tried Thai thinks it's spicy and that's why they haven't tried it. I don't like spicy food and there are a few things I love. So yeah..try it! I'm sorry you didn't get a date in for just the two of you, but the three of you date will be just as special in days to come. ;) Honestly, I think I'd blog about that.


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