Saturday, April 7, 2012

Josh and Robyn Bike Ride Date March 2012

My mother in law once again kept our kiddos overnight for us but our budget is very tight as we have a fun family vacation planned for the end of May. Not wanting to spend money, we decided to take our bikes out for a great ride. We rode around the Bennington Lakes and then came home and grilled some yummy filets. We enjoyed the bike ride without having to stop and wait up for little ones peddling behind us. Our dinner was the same, peaceful and quiet. We crashed before 10:30pm. Josh was supposed to work the next morning but they called and put him on call. We enjoyed sleeping in and decided to go for another bike ride. This time we ventured around Standing Bear Lake. After our ride, we met my mother in law and kiddos at the zoo. Not a very exciting date but a very peaceful and relaxing one. We have had amazing weather in Nebraska this Spring and it is hard not to spend every waking moment outside!

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