Saturday, April 7, 2012

Amber & Matt- March date summary

Our March date night did not go quite as planned.  As I mentioned before, Matt was going to be in charge of planning this one.  I told him about mid month to pick a date and write it on the calendar for us.  We have been working on watching our money so I told him that I had an Olive Garden gift card if he wanted us to use that.  I also told him a few nights before our date night that he should try to pick something free.  He laughed at the idea and didn't know what he could find for free.  I didn't marry Mr. Romantic, so I know not to expect him to pull some huge plan out for date night.  Asking him to find something low-budget as well is really not in his creative genes either.  He told me Thursday night that he had a few things planned for us, but I really didn't ask what they were. 

After another busy week, I was looking forward to a light day at work.  I had one home visit in the late morning and would have the rest of the afternoon to finish up paperwork etc. in the office.  It was such a beautiful day and I was ready for the weekend.

On Friday at about 12:30, our plans changed however.  We received "the call".  I think all of you know this already but we received the call that we were selected by a birth mom for a baby that was due in May.  I was about 35 minutes from home and didn't know how I was going to drive all the way back to tell Matt the news.  I didn't want to just call him, I had to see his face and be able to cry, hug, and kiss him when I told him.  As I drove back I called to tell my sister (I needed to talk to someone to keep me sane as I drove).   She asked how we were going to celebrate and I told her it was supposed to be date night.  She suggested we go out and I tell him while we were out.  I told her there was no way that I could wait that long and we needed to save money more than ever now!!

We had plans for our son to go to a slumber party at one of his grandma's house with a cousin.  We picked him up from school and told him that he had to come home for a while and then we would take him back to grandma's.  After sharing the news with him, we took him over to gram and papa's house and let him share the news with them.  We told him goodbye and said we would see him in the morning.

After a quick stop at Matt's aunt and uncles to share the news, we  headed up town to meet Matt's mom and step dad at one of our favorite wine cellars.   We enjoyed dinner and drinks as we shared the news with them and talked about our hopes for pink in the future. 

After dinner, I was pretty tired from the emotions of the day.  Matt suggested we stop to play a little shuffleboard but I really was too tired.  We decided to head back home and grab a movie.  We stopped at Red Box, grabbed some beer, and headed home to watch a movie in the quiet house. 

I asked Matt to wait a few minutes (30 ) while I made a couple quick calls to let some people know the news who had known of our plans.  We had heard through the evening that my grandpa had called everyone on his phone, so I wanted to share the news with the handful of people before they heard it from someone else. 

While waiting, Matt didn't want any beer after all because he had heartburn and got really sleepy.  So, our night ended with him snoring on the couch and me blogging in the chair.

But...  Saturday morning, I woke up and decided to go work on my "running practice" as I call it.  I signed up for a 5 K in June and couldn't run one lap at the track a month ago. I have already seen improvement and decided to go out before I went to pick up Brock and the day got to hot (90's expected).  Matt woke up as well and joined me on the beautiful morning.  This was the first time that I can say we actually went "for a run" together.  He has been supporting me in my practice and is doing great at encouraging me.  It was really nice to enjoy the quiet time together on the trail.  (well, quiet except for my huffin' and puffin')

This isn't a great picture- I had cried about 100 times that day...but we are happy as can be as we were sharing the news that night!
We better hurry with our April date-- it could be our last without a new little one!!!

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  1. Best date night ever! I am so excited for you!! Now you can have date nights on the deck when the baby goes to sleep! Love you@


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