Wednesday, April 18, 2012

1st Quarter Standings

Hello everyone! I'm here to update everyone on the end of the first quarter point standings!  Remember, you can always earn extra points for the $200 jackpot by doing any/ all of the following in separate posts:

*Share your Love Story
(Write a short story to be published...How long you have been married, how you met, do you have children, etc.)

*Tell us about your First Date
(Write a short summary of your first date! Who asked who, what did you do, etc. Was it a match made in heaven?)

*The Proposal
(Was it grand or bland? Either way is fine, but tell us how it all went down.)

*The Wedding Photo
(Who doesn't love looking at wedding photos? Send us a photo from your wedding to share)

Additional bonus entries will also be added from time to time.

Date summaries:

January- 10 couples posted their dates!
February- 8 couples posted their dates!
March- 5 couples posted their dates!

*Remember, you have until the last day of each month to complete your monthly date and until midnight on the 7th of the following month to post your summary.

Several of you have completed the bonus items and these can be done at any time during the year.

Here is where everyone stands: (1 point = 1 entry)

Katie & Dan  4 points
Mindy & Jason 2 points
Kenzie & Dan 4 points
Krystal & Justin 2 points
Penelope & Morty 5 points
Stephanie & Craig 6 points
Tara & Dan 3 points
Monica & Lonnie 2 points
Robyn & Josh 3 points
Amber & Matt 5 points

Remember, it only takes one ticket to win!! Keep working on earning those points and having fun in your marriage!

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