Monday, August 20, 2012

Amber and Matt August Date Summary

I was a little disappointed that we did not make the time to get a July date in.  We had places on our calendar where we could have made it a point to get some time together, but I think we were just too worn out.  We were out of town 4 weekends in a row and didn't much else during the week.

I was so excited when Matt came home with a great date night idea for us.  First, I was excited that he came up with the idea.  Second, I was excited it was something other than going to dinner, movie, drinks etc.  Third, I was so pumped that it involved something we had been wanting to do!

We were going to a sushi making class!  The local grocery store had a sign up advertising it.  Matt frequently eats dinner there (where else do you eat when you work over night?) and had seen the sign one day.  I called to get us registered ASAP and he stopped in to pay one morning before he came home.  The class was $15 a person.  We had a great time, it was something different that we had wanted to do, and got some yummy food. 
Taken about 1/2 way through the class
Chef Jess making the sticky rice

I can't say that the class experience was quite what we thought it was going to be.  We still had lots of fun but were a little disappointed in the class.  There were about 30 people in the class and only the chef.  She started late, didn't have enough food supplies for us all, was texting during the class ( I hoped she was texting to ask for assistance or more food but neither of those showed up), ran out of water, ran over on time and we had to leave due to Matt needed to work that night, and didn't have any handouts for us to take home.  I asked her when we were leaving if she had anything for us to take home and she said no.  I asked her if she could email us the things we made- recipes, ingredients, etc.  She said she thought that was a great idea but I still have not received anything.  I also was disappointed that all of the things we used to make the sushi were not available for purchase at the store.  I was so excited to make the stuff we learned I wanted to buy all the ingredients to make more at home right away. 

Matt's first attempt at a California roll.  Notice the sticky rice on my hand (they were covered in rice so it was difficult to take the pics) and the look of concentration on his face.

Amber's first California roll--- yummy!  Pretty good for the first time!
Matt's first California roll--yummy, just not as pretty as Amber's. 
Amber's chop stick skills are improving!  Nevermind the lady chowing down in the back ground.  Her and her daughter were full of useful information.

Our second things we made ....if I had a handout with the things we learned I would be able to tell you what these are called.  Handrolls I believe.  Shrimp, Salmon, Red Snapper, Tuna -- I LOVED these!

The final roll of the night.  Spicy Tuna.  (before it was rolled) I think this was Matt's favorite.

Our table by the end of the night!  We are messy sushi chefs!

It was a fantastic date night and I loved that we did something different.  We laughed at each other and at other couples during the class and had so much fun.  Our anniversary is this week and I want to try to find a little sushi making set somewhere for my honey. We don't usually exchange gifts much but I think this would be something fun for us since we were wanting to try making our own anyways.  Has anyone else made their own sushi before?  

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