Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Tara and Dan August Date

We were very fortunate in August to have a long weekend away, full of dates, in PA, MD and NJ!

First, we drove with our two kids from our home in PA to Baltimore's Inner Harbor and met up with a friend who was going to be watching our kids for the weekend at her home in Maryland. We all had lunch together and then hung out in the harbor a little before she left with the kids and we checked into our hotel (which I had Pricelined at the last minute and got an awesome deal--love Priceline!!).

Friday night we had a drink at one place in the harbor, I went for a pedicure while Dan hung out in the harbor, and then we went for Japanese at another place in the harbor. :) Afterwards we sat by the water watching boats and people, I bought some sunglasses and Dan smoked a cigar, and then we ended up having an early night, thanks to the "Saki  Bomb" Dan had with his dinner at the Japanese place. LOL.

Saturday we spent some time looking at a boat of the type we were considering getting then drove to the marina where we have our current boat, about 1.5 hours away from Baltimore. That day we spent the day on the water, boating to a place on the Chesapeake that we had never been before. Normally we are trying to manage a 3 and 5 year old on the boat (which mostly means breaking up fights and getting them snacks) so it was very relaxing to just chill out on the water alone.

Saturday night we drove back home to PA...another 1.5 hours.

Sunday morning we left for NJ, 2 hours away, to have lunch with a client and his wife and then afterwards went to Dan's cousin's wedding, also in NJ. Ending the date weekend with a wedding was lovely!

Monday we worked all day and then drove another 1.5 hours to the halfway point to pick up our kids and another 1.5 hours back home. It was a LOT of driving for one weekend, but we were together and really had a great time.

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  1. You all live in such a fun location to see all these places!


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