Saturday, August 11, 2012

August Date Night

We are super duper lucky to have a set of boy friends for our little guys that are of similar ages, so overnights usually include the 2 of the them ~ Thanks to Melissa for having the Patzer's hang, leaving us room for a date night.  We went really crazy and started our night at Midwest Lanes here in Glenwood.  They were celebrating their 15 year anniversary and I love supporting local business so we stopped there for a quick beer.  The funny part, they had a free hog roast going on, so bottoms up to a cash free supper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  In addition, the gal that was having my boys spend the night was there with Hank, Sawyer, Ethan, and Elliott, so we watched them bowl a few frames while we ate and tipped a couple back.  After that, we debated, local or Omaha.  We opted for Omaha because shopping is waaaaaayyyyy better there.  We headed to the Old Market and found rock star parking which happens once in a lifetime, check that one off!!!  We hit a few of our favorite shops, Overland Outfitters, Nebraska Clothing, Souq, and Nouvelle Eve.  Our shopping trips never end pretty, I mean cheap.  Craig had been eyeballing a coat at the Outfitters and Don was just the salesman to convince him to make the purchase.  Don actually was in love with Craig, and I felt a little 3rd wheel.  Craig says, "you have to do what you can to ensure the discount!", what ev???  The coat was not even there for the picking, it has to be shipped in.  I did not make any fabulous purchases there, but ended up with a lovely rastafarian hat from Souq.  I love my hats almost as much as cowboy boots. 

After our shopping spree, we headed over to Nosh to have a glass of wine and some appetizers.  What a fun little joint.  We enjoyed some chit chat and watched the diving and track events from the Olympics.  We won't be able to do that again for 4 more years.  We walked around the corner after we were done toward the Capitol bar.  By the view, I think we were overage, versus underage to get in, so we chose to go home.  We really had a lovely time and look forward to September's date ~ Go BIG Red!  

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  1. Glad you had a fun date and got some good shopping in! Too bad we didn't run into each other in the market!


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