Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Mindy and Jason July Date

The summer is flying by and we have been busy as ever! Between Bible School and consignment sales I'm really not sure if we're coming or going! Thankfully, in July Mindy and I were able to find a free evening to get away. Before we left the house we decided it would be a Groupon filled date. We had two certificates that were near expiration and we had to use them!

Our first stop was at the Lucky Bucket Brewery in LaVista. The Groupon certificate included a tour of the brewery, but the only tour was at 5:30pm and it was close to 7 when we arrived. Needless to say, we didn't make it in time for the tour. Instead we shared a beer and bought a Lucky Bucket t-shirt...it doesn't get anymore romantic than that!

For dinner, we decided to try out Rock Bottom Brewery in the Old Market. Parking was crazy as it usually is in the summertime, so we spent a fun filled 20 minutes circling the cobblestone streets trying to find a place to leave our car. Luckily, we eventually found one and did not starve to death! The food at Rock Bottom was good. Even though it was really loud in the restaurant it was still nice to have a night away from the kids , decompress a little bit and just focus on each other for a while.

Our July date was fun, and we can't wait for our Super Collosial August Getaway Weekend that we have planned! Have a great month everyone!

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  1. Matt and I had a date night at Rock Bottom one month. I think you guys get the award for being our most thrifty daters!

    Can't wait to hear about the Aug big date!!!


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