Thursday, September 27, 2012

September Date ~ Craig & Steph

Our anniversary was September 19th ~ 14 years of bliss!  OK some bliss some piss, let's get real.  All in all Bliss trumps!   We decided to do a date day, school acted as our sitter!  Craig is very romantic, he had 14 envelopes with little treats or clues that he gave to me along the way.  I will highlight a couple of them.  The first was a box with a blanket and pillow for the car ride, we have differences of opinion on the temperature the car should be while traveling so he brought this for me to keep warm!  He also had envelopes with some of the music we love ~ Aqua and Eric Church.  We rocked it all day long.  In addition, one envelope contained treats that I love and photos of my various pets over the years to be my guardian angels while he drove, God knows his driving initiates that business! 

Our first stop was at the Goodwill.  I love to thrift so he gave me $30 and 30 minutes to complete the task!  Done!  We then headed to the OM center in Omaha for a couples massage.  Fabulous!  After that,  a quick lunch at the Dell, a haunt of our first date. 

On to the best ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Shoe Shopping!!!!! This is a passion we both share so we hit 2 different locales for this little ditty.  Onward to my first apartment where we mashed for a moment in the parking lot.  The apartment was where the first smooch happened so it was appropriate to make sure we paid tribute!

Time was about up, so we picked up the boys and headed home.  After some float building, as it is homecoming week here in Gwood, we had our finale.  We shared chinese in the buff which we had done during our courtship.  It was about 10:30 at night, but was just as much fun.

What a day, What a day.  I love his creativity and thoughtfulness.  I am married to the best!

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  1. Wow, I am seriously impressed! Sounds like a great date. :)


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