Tuesday, July 31, 2012

July Date Night (Weekend)

For July, we did a little weekend get away.  We have a favorite singer that we stalk, I mean follow: Eric Church.  This was our 8th time seeing him and only our 1st time this year.  Our love for him is mutual, I have a huge girl crush, but I do believe Craig has a man crush on him as well.  Actually, he has a music crush, he loves the tunes, as do I, but he ain't bad to look at either.  We headed out Friday night to Lake Anita for a little tent camping. We grilled out steaks and went into Anita for a cocktail and watched the Olympic opening ceremony.  We had beautiful weather and a couple of brews so sleeping was easy.  We woke up and had the huge camping style eggs and bacon breakfast, the highlight was that Craig was able to use his new perkolator (not sure how to spell that one).  It only took about an hour to get that thing going!!!!  We head to River Rukus about 2 and had the opportunity to listen to 3 great opening acts before our boy came on.  He never disappoints!  The weekend was great and we will look forward to seeing him again, if not this year, next for sure.

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