Monday, June 25, 2012

Amber and Matt June Date Summary

We had our date for June the first Saturday of June.  Brock went to a sleepover and Matt and I were sad about being home alone.  This was our first day that we did not see Jolie after leaving the hospital.  {Note- this date was done before we knew about the Change of Heart with the birth mother}

Matt had worked Friday night so he slept most of the day Saturday.  After I dropped off Brock at the party, we headed to the local brewery.  We enjoyed a few of the house brews and played a game of Yahtzee.  Here is Matt's Yahtzee from game.

Matt won this time! 

It was nice to stay close to home and be out and relax.  We enjoyed the spur of the moment night together and it was fun to play the game there.  We have always loved board games.

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